Olivet University professors understand their academic work to be in the service of the church.


Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies

The Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies is to help provide the World Wide Evangelical Church with plans and methods for the creation of Mega Strategies to enhance their task of missions and evangelism. The Institute becomes a neutral center that fuses together theoretical thinking, technology, and research in pursuit of creating practical plans to carry out the Great Commission.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVESTo use the new developments in technology to create a forum for communications to a broad section of Christian leaders. Olivet University is a leader in the use of this technology.

To help Christian leaders understand the need to think outside the box and begin to create new and innovative methods of reaching our society for Christ. This can be done by concentrating on the Micro, Metta, Macro concept of strategy development.

To seek to promote the understanding of the ten mountains of culture influence that any valid Christian mega strategy must be aware of.

To make Olivet University a leader in the area of strategy development and research.


Olivet Branch Institute of Islamic Understanding

Islamic studies at Olivet's institute addresses the issue of understanding and engaging the differences of both faith and cultural systems of Islam and Christianity in order to promote respect and to bring peace into the dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVESTo gather qualified scholars and practitioners together with students to elevate understanding and equip future leaders to speak truth, embrace love and promote peace in Christian witness to Muslims.

To provide a platform for global discussion on related strategies being used to spread the faith of both Islam and Christianity, with attention given to similarities and differences and their ensuing results.

To contribute the best of scholarship as well as publications that will benefit the global community of peoples affected negatively through the clash of these two civilizations.

To develop resources to be made available to our students to sharpen their ministry skills in their place of vocation and service.


Institute of Faith and Family

Olivet's Institute of Faith and Family promotes Christian Faith based Family Worship, Fellowship, and Daily Life Styles. The institute educates and networks with other Christian organizations who share the Christian family faith and values. Olivet's Institute of Faith and Family share activities, programs, guides, and Biblical teachings through:

  • Activities, conferences, and retreats
  • Pastors, leaders, fellowships; sermons, music, teaching - marriage, children
  • Couples Sharing experiences, stories, on successes and growth in marriages
  • Couples Sharing experiences, stories from home on successes in child rearing
  • Seniors, experiences in long term marriages, supporting Grandchildren
  • Marriage, family, child rearing problems, sharing advice through social media


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